Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is one of the notable esports in the world as it expands on team-based action gameplay it pioneered when it was launched 20 years ago.


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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Rocket League

100% Bonus up to €150

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty

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The game itself developed and improved its features, gameplay, and the number of players it caters worldwide. And with the advent of technologies, especially modernized computers that are built for gaming, most teens or adults consider this game as one of the best.

From the year 2012 up until the present, CSGO became popular and continually growing, especially with its promotions and massive tournaments annually. With this, the gambling scene for CSGO also prospers in such a way that a lot of players or punters got hooked in betting.

And when it comes to betting, it’s not questionable that CSGO is one of the best choices that the punters would participate in as a lot of esports betting sites offer big odds and bonuses on the skins or in-game items.

Moreover, gambling can’t be called gambling without the essence of using money. Money plays an essential role in betting because it dictates the kind of tempo you will have in your future spending. However, it’s always a plus to have a piece of knowledge on CSGO betting with real money and other special bets.

So, here’s a quick-guide when betting in CSGO.

CSGO Betting Real Money

Common Types Of Bets That Are In CSGO Real Money Betting

Betting in CSGO is a whole new level, as there are tons of choices you can choose from. And most markets that cater to CSGO betting on the internet offer these types of bets. Now, it’s necessary to identify the most common special bets that are present in tournaments.

Outright Winner

This type of bet is betting a team on who would probably win in a specific tournament. And it’s correct, not just one game but the outcome of the entire tournament. And you will be surprised how enjoyable this type of bet is as there are a lot of short tournaments that you can choose from different CSGO betting sites.

Group/Region Winner

One of the unique types of betting in the esports today is this, as CSGO has a lot of major tournaments every year, like the notable Major Dreamhack Series, you will be able to bet real money or gamble on a specific region (Europe, CIS, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania Division), who most likely will win in the tournament.

Also, this is not a complex betting type as you will just pick from these six (6) regions, which means there is a high percentage you will win big odds after the tournament is done.

However, it’s always worth noting that before you decide on the region, you will choose, always do some research, because all teams out there are professionals and have a specific set of skills to win an entire tournament.

Maps Over/Under

This is one is easy to understand and to analyze as this is one of the most common types of bet in all popular esports, you know. However, this is only available during longer contests. Thus, this is a reserved type for those matches which are in the category of best of three or best of five.

Easy Step-By-Step Guide On CSGO Real Money Betting

Moreover, if you are now interested in betting real money on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but do not have any knowledge on where to start, maybe our step-by-step guide will help you.

  1. Choose one of the best CSGO sites or bookmakers allows you to bet real money or browse any helpful articles or forums which will suit your taste. And from that, you can simply click the “register” or “join” button, which is usually located on the top of the home page.
  2. Fill out the “personal information” area and always make sure the email you will be using is legitimate as it will help you track your transactions or money you have deposited or the odds you will be able to win.
  3. Browse and examine the features of your chosen bookmaker before making your first deposit. And once you have checked everything, always look for a free welcome bonus that you will be able to use in your first betting activity.
  4. Now, most dedicated esports gambling sites have all the CSGO betting on real money tournaments from minor tournaments to major ones. Then, you can bookmark the CSGO page where you will just go back there from time to time.
  5. And since you are settled and ready, always do some research or investigations on the recent matches of the team you are betting to win, or you are betting against. Once you have done those things, then you are ready for your first bet on real money and win some good odds!

Real Money CSGO Betting

Top 3 CSGO Betting Sites That You Should Know


This bookmaker is one of the best esports betting in the world because of their popular system of betting and the quality services they offer in their customers and players. And on top of that, they have CSGO in their notable esports games.

It’s worth noting that they offer a free €30 bet for every new customer who registered on their website. And you can simply enjoy betting in their site in a safe and secure manner.


Unlike any other esports betting sites, this bookmaker is one of the few who offers bitcoin as a mode of payment on your gambling activities. Also, they offer a live match betting where you can bet whenever and wherever you want as their app is available on mobile too.

One of the most dedicated and has top-notched customer service when it comes to making their customers feel safe and secure. Not just are they one of the legitimate bookmakers in the gambling scene, but also, they offer a €50 bonus in your first deposit.

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