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Today we will talk about the popular movement of CSGO betting. Today, there are a huge number of all kinds of online casinos, bookmakers, and betting services that specialize in CSGO betting. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is an unprecedentedly popular shareware game created by Valve. Thanks to the unique internal economic system, in-game items in CSGO have real value and can be sold on the internal Steam marketplace and external marketplaces. Some skins from the game can vary in the range of several tens of thousands of dollars.


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Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Rocket League

100% Bonus up to €150

Games offered
CS:GO DOTA2 League of Legends Fortnite Call of Duty

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There are tons of ways to turn in-game skins into real money. Users can use skins from their Steam inventory as a deposit on a variety of specialized services. Some of these services offer players options for opening cases, while others offer various game modes such as roulette or crash. The third services are full-fledged bookmakers, specializing exclusively in the coverage of all ongoing esports events.

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Players who have been playing CSGO thoroughly for a long time probably already have impressive game inventories by now. Sooner or later, most players think that they can try to multiply this state and convert it into a monetary equivalent. But what if a person does not consider himself a severe esports analyst or does not want to risk the accumulated capital unnecessarily? This is where CSGO free bets come in. There is an impressive variety of options for first-time players that offer the opportunity to cheat themselves in the free betting niche without risking anything.

Many CSGO betting sites offer trial capital or completely free starting bonuses to their users, with which they can place trial bets. It is about such sites and opportunities that will be discussed in this article. Below you will see a list of the most popular sites, where you can start placing bets even without any minimal investment.

Top 10 Free CSGO Websites















Sun Bets




The vast majority of severe free CSGO websites offer specific starting bonuses to new users. Somewhere it is a roulette wheel, which, depending on the result, credits a certain amount of local currency to the account. On other betting sites, it is merely possible to play with a test deposit, allowing new users to try out betting without risking anything.

Nevertheless, this top includes a dozen sites with the most severe and noteworthy CSGO free betting support. I also recommend that you pay attention to bonuses when clicking on the affiliate link of one of the previously registered users – affiliate bonuses of some services look extremely promising and impressive.

CSGO Free Bets

Esports Bets

Many bookmakers will offer you a small trial deposit or some free bets when you sign up for a new account. With a small amount of luck, this test deposit can be multiplied – in most cases; you will not be able to withdraw your winnings until you have made a single deposit, at least for the minimum amount. However, immediately after a one-time replenishment of the account, your trial deposit becomes full-fledged. If you managed to increase it, then you almost immediately have an impressive capital for further betting.

Otherwise, you can always create a new account – the main thing is, do not try to place bets from several accounts at the same time. Bookmakers strictly suppress such frauds – in case of detection of the presence of multi-accounts in one person, all of them can be frozen without the right to appeal.

Promo Codes And Bonuses

Almost all free CSGO betting sites offer bonuses to new users upon registration. A fixed deposit in the local currency of the service or a random lottery will determine the size of the starting capital. The initial deposit can be multiplied by entering a promo code – as a rule, finding them is as easy as possible. In some cases, there is even no need to google, search for codes on YouTube channels and streams. Some sites place promo codes for newbies right on their homepage banners.

Additional Options For Free Betting

In addition, some resources provide registered users with the opportunity to receive additional free bonuses. Sometimes this is expressed in free spins, where the chance of winning for one individual player is minimal. The variant of static gifts for various actions available to each player looks more enjoyable – for example, you can get a small bonus to the deposit for just being on the site or for actively commenting on what is happening in the chat. Such phenomena are more typical for online casinos and, to a lesser extent, serious bookmakers with the possibility of betting on eSports events’ outcomes.

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How To Claim A Free Bet

The free deposit depends a lot on the service you decide to sign up for. Use promo codes to get additional bonuses on any of the top sites above. In some cases, new users are credited with static initial CSGO betting sites free coins; in others, bookmakers turn out to be more cunning and offer newcomers a special promotion: doubling any invested deposit. That is, to put it simply, for every ten dollars deposited, you will receive an additional ten dollars.

If you win successfully with a trial deposit, there are odds that you will have to deposit a minimum amount to the account before the deposit stops being a trial one. Most bookmakers strictly limit the number of accounts per user on a one-user-one-account basis. However, if you seriously decide to go into free betting, no one bothers you to register on several CSGO free betting sites at once to receive a starting bonus on each one.

It is impossible to always win in this game, as in any other game of chance. Even seasoned sports analysts or seasoned poker players cannot predict the outcome of a particular event with absolute certainty. Profit in any such activity is achieved exclusively “at a distance”.

CSGO Enhanced Odds Offers

Enhanced odds have long been widely used among classic bookmakers; however, unfortunately, they are not very widespread in the field of free CSGO gambling. Only a small number of sites provide additional bonuses for newbies to new players compared to the same win for an experienced player. There is a way to get around this limitation – you can bet both your real deposit and CSGO betting sites free coins on the same outcome – thus, if you win, you will multiply your winnings without additional investments.

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