All About Betting CSGO Skins – Skin Betting Intro

Despite the abundance of new modern projects and the dominance of session games in the contemporary gaming industry market, Counter-Strike is still one of the best and most popular shooters. Millions of gamers worldwide continue to play the bestseller from Valve – especially now that CSGO is completely free and, even more, contains a unique opportunity to earn money right in the game.


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The company Valve, which developed CSGO and created the Steam platform, designed and still maintains a unique economic system in the game. Once a similar system existed in other Valve projects – such as Dota2 and the now-deceased practically “Artifact.” However, for various reasons, in most of them, this economic model was eliminated or severely curtailed. And only in CSGO, players can still obtain in-game items right in the game that can be sold for real money on the internal trading platform.

csgo csgo wallpaper 2019

I will not go into the reasons why such an economic model is still retained only in CSGO. The cost of some skins in the market and external trading platforms often reaches several tens of thousands of dollars. This attracts the attention of the gaming community – many players hunt for rare, expensive skins, the chance of which is negligible.

The enormous cost of several in-game items could not fail to attract the attention of enthusiasts from other areas. If skins cost a lot of money, then the ability to withdraw this money from Steam in one way or another begins to suggest itself. Consequently, amid the growing popularity of countless online casinos, a new movement has entered the market. The so-called skin betting, which offers players to use in-game items as a deposit for betting on third-party resources.

The essence of this transaction is that the player links his Steam account with a third-party gambling platform. Thanks to Valve’s dedicated trading link, bookmakers make a perfectly legal transaction. The player’s game skins are transferred to a deposit – and either saved in its original form or exchanged at cost for the service’s internal currency.

There are three main areas of skin betting: case opening, e-sports betting, and various analogs of a full-fledged online casino. In the first case, the gambler is asked to choose cases from a wide range and open them to get much more expensive skin. With esports betting, everything is as transparent and simple as possible – the player bets on the outcome of a match or event, using the skin instead of real money as a bet. Online casinos work on a similar principle – they offer the player a variety of game modes, ranging from blackjack and roulette to Hi-Lo. The gambler uses its in-game items as a bet.

Someone may ask – why do this? It’s simple. If you win, you can use any of the withdrawal methods offered by the platform. And exchange your CSGO items for real money, cryptocurrency, or withdraw more valuable skins back to your Steam inventory. Sounds tempting? I propose to find out if this is so.

Where To Bet CSGO Skins – Top 6 CSGO Skin Sites

CSGOpolygon main page

Far from the largest and most popular site for CSGO Betting, which I undoubtedly consider one of the best. The website uses the “Provably Fair” system, making the calculations of the total bets as transparent as possible and allows the user to double-check all of them independently. The site has a simple and user-friendly design and a variety of game modes to choose from – everyone will find something for themselves, there is almost everything, from coinflip and roulette to complex modes like Hi-Lo and blackjack. CSGOPolygon also offers fast updates, many deposit methods, and even more withdrawal methods – almost any option to choose from, from Steam inventory to cryptocurrencies. In addition, CSGOPolygon supports betting on ESports events, which is good news.

FlameCases main page is one of the newest and fastest-growing case opening services. The site offers a wide variety of cases, from standard sets to custom cases, to customize the estimated winnings. Besides, this platform compares favorably with the opponents with its absolutely stunning, bright, and effective design. There are such popular game modes as upgrades and contracts. The site is completely legal and legitimate. In addition, it has a built-in marketplace that allows you to sell and buy skins from CSGO and several other games.

Hellcase main page’s closest competitor in the case opening industry. Similar design and functionality, more ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Also, HellCase openly claims to use the “Provably Fair” system, which makes it impossible for creators to manipulate the results. Of the minuses compared with FlameCases, I would like to note the smaller assortment of cases to choose from and the absence of the “Percent Case” mode.


СSGOHunt main page

If we talk specifically about the classic online casino, then I would highlight CSGOHunt for the better. The site has many game modes to choose from, an active community, and constant distributions and promotions. In addition, if we are talking about promotional codes, then it is CSGOHunt that, as a rule, offers the most significant bonuses.


SportsBetting main page

When it comes to esports betting, SportsBetting is the first to come to mind. On this site, you will not find an abundance of draws and giveaways, no one opens cases here, and elements of an online casino are present only for show as an addition. SportsBetting is a severe bookmaker that specializes in ESports coverage. Players are offered bets in all available options – live bets, express bets, delayed bets, and complex bets on entire tournaments’ outcomes. If you are primarily interested in ESports, then SportsBetting is definitely your choice.


betonline main page

If, for some reason, SportsBetting doesn’t suit you, you can always pay attention to the main competitor – BetOnline. This popular service also specializes in betting on eSports events but much less resembles a traditional bookmaker’s office and much more like a new case opening site. BetOnline also covers absolutely all eSports events – down to the smallest local tournaments. Don’t worry – this is entirely legal and completely safe.

What CSGO Skins Are

CSGO skins are in-game items, skins for your weapon, or your character. An exclusive customization element that allows you to stand out from the crowd, but does not have the slightest impact on the gameplay. It is all the more interesting that skins are so popular – CSGO is as far as possible from the “Pay-to-win” system, which is openly abused by many other products of the gaming industry. However, despite all this, it is stunningly popular.

Where to Get CSGO Skins

You can get skins for CSGO in several ways. The simplest, most obvious and accessible for most is just to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In-game items have a chance to drop after the end of the match – both in the form of a case, from which there is a chance to get something valuable and immediately in the way of a finished skin. Gamers who have been playing for years have probably already collected an impressive collection – and numerous skin betting platforms are primarily focused on them. In the end, few will give up the opportunity to exchange unnecessary in-game items for real money in their own wallet.

If you are not a CS: GO fan, but for some reason are also interested in skin betting, you shouldn’t lose heart either. All skins can be purchased on the internal Steam marketplace and an impressive number of external auctions. In addition, most skin betting services have their trading platforms where you can buy the skins you want.

I cannot but mention the third way to get CSGO skins. It is the least reliable and most probable, but due to the fact that it does not require the slightest investment, it is almost more popular—all kinds of distributions and draws, both on skin betting sites CSGO and anywhere else. Streamers, publics on social networks, YouTube channels, and related sites are eager to play out rare skin to attract a new audience. There are entire communities on social networks that live exclusively on giveaways (most likely, in most fake ones).

How To Bet CSGO Skins

If we are talking about CSGO skin bet, the answer to this question is as simple as possible – you just need to choose any site with the possibility of skin betting and register on it. You can choose a site from our list. You can stop at a trusted resource from any other top. You’d be surprised how easy it really is – most skin betting sites don’t even require registration. All you need is to go through Steam authorization and SteamGuard two-factor authentication if you have connected it.

Then you just need to follow the instructions – copy your unique Steam trading link into a special field, access the in-game inventory, and choose which skins you want to transfer to the platform as a deposit for betting. After that, select the mode to your liking and place your bets! More skin betting sites are universal and offer all sorts of options to choose from, from online roulettes to betting on the outcomes of eSports tournaments.

Pros And Cons Of Skin Betting

Despite all the obvious advantages, skin betting has several distinct disadvantages. This direction of betting is worthy of attention, but I propose to find out exactly what disadvantages and risks it entails.


  • It doesn’t require any investment. If you already spend days and hours playing your favorite game, then the opportunity to increase your in-game savings and, in the long run, turn them into real money seems like something tempting and even logical.
  • Skin betting is popular and widespread. Thanks to this, more and more services and platforms dedicated to the subculture appear on the Internet. Every year they are more and more modern, easy to use, and optimized – it has never been so easy to bet online.
  • Skin betting supports betting on eSports events. Suppose you are watching an eSports tournament and, with all your heart, are worried about your favorite team’s success. In that case, the opportunity to add extra excitement to the spectacle with a small bet is perceived only as a plus.
  • Affiliate program. Many young sites use an advanced referral program to attract a new audience. On some services, affiliate bonuses reach enormous sizes. If you manage to create a sufficiently extensive affiliate network, then skin betting can become a full-fledged passive income for you.
  • Skin betting as a betting area is completely legal in most countries (except for the UK, Belgium, and Holland). If you are over eighteen and do not live in one of these three countries, you are risking anything.


  • Skin betting has a difficult criminal history. Many CSGO skin betting sites used to be involved in murky illegal financial schemes to deceive a gullible audience, which significantly undermines the direction’s reputation. Choose sites wisely, carefully study reviews, and reviews.
  • Skin betting is integral to the security of your Steam account. You provide third-party services with personal information and access to your inventory, which, in theory, could lead to adverse consequences. Use only reliable and trusted sites, carefully study who you are contacting.

CSGO rifle

Final Words

Skin betting is great fun and sometimes a way to make money. CSGO sites for skin betting in the future have odds of replacing classic online casinos due to their optimization, modernity, and simplicity. Every CSGO player sooner or later becomes interested in skin betting. Moreover, skin bets are completely legitimate, and if you choose reliable and proven resources, then you risk nothing at all.

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