What Is CSGO Betting?

With each passing year, traditional casinos are increasingly receding into the background, while various online gambling platforms continue to gain popularity. A separate direction in this movement is betting on esports disciplines – most of the well-known bookmakers have already put bets on esports tournaments in the tables, but, in addition, there are a considerable number of sites specializing exclusively in eSports.


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Moreover, many of them offer to use not a real currency as a deposit for a bet, but in-game skins from your Steam inventory – this subspecies is called skin-betting and is also extremely popular. Some online casinos for skin-betting have nothing to do with esports events at all. They offer players to place skins as a deposit in various gambling modes that replicate the classic offline casino entertainment. The player can win in modes such as roulette, poker, coinflip, blackjack, duel, crash, and many others. The number and variety of modes offered are sometimes merely amazing.

In this guide, I invite you to check out the full overview of CS: GO betting in 2022. The article will consider all the features and nuances of the direction of the industry, as well as a brief overview of the most popular sites, with a detailed study of all the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start.

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Best CSGO Betting Sites

Now there are a huge number of the most different betting sites. Many of them position themselves as online casinos, while others claim the status of a bookmaker. The overwhelming majority combines both directions, giving users the opportunity to decide how and on what they want to bet precisely. Below is a short review of the most popular sites in existence, highlighting the key differences and the most glaring shortcomings.

CSGO Empire

CSGOEmpire main page


  • extreme popularity and reliability;
  • a wide range of deposit methods (not only skins but also real currency);
  • a vast number of gambling mods: roulette, coinflip and much more;
  • flexible referral program, a large number of promotions and promo codes;
  • extremely convenient mobile version;


  • primitive design;
  • opaque system for calculating results.


CSGOpolygon main page


  • simple and ergonomic design;
  • honest calculation of results using the system “Provably Fair”;
  • a colossal number of gambling modes for every taste;
  • extremely profitable referral program;


  • no mobile app;
  • few deposit methods.


FlameCases main page


  • incredibly bright and comfortable design;
  • alternative gamble modes that allow the user to win certain skins;
  • a vast number of hands and draws;
  • many alternative ways to withdraw funds;


  • no mobile app;
  • no bets on esports events.


CSGORoll main page


  • distributions and draws;
  • advanced affiliate program;
  • crash, roll;
  • a wide selection of cases for everyone;


  • ESport betting is not included;
  • mobile apps don’t exist.


ThunderPick main page


  • cases, online casinos, ESport bets;
  • draws, distributions, starting bonuses for new players;
  • “Provably Fair” system support;
  • online technical support;
  • 100% reliable;
  • amazing and catching design.


  • primitive design;
  • opaque system for calculating results.


Farmskins main page


  • cryptocurrencies accepted;
  • mobile app;
  • bonuses, free giveaways, promo codes;
  • contracts, upgrades and gambling modes;


  • few deposit methods;
  • no “Provably Fair” system.


Hellcase main page


  • contracts, upgrades, different types of cases available;
  • wheel of Fortune;
  • desktop and mobile design;
  • legit site;
  • good deposit options.


  • “Provably Fair” system is not included.


RollBit main page


  • CSGO roulette games;
  • skins and cryptocurrencies deposits;
  • quick withdrawal;


  • no ESports betting;
  • no mobile app.

The list includes the most promising and exciting of hundreds of popular sites. Sites with a small number of visitors, sites with a poor reputation in community circles, and sites that do not have an English version were not included.

How To Choose The Best Site For CSGO Betting

People often face a trivial problem – how to choose the most suitable site to start gambling. Newbies come to the realm of skin betting and are simply lost among the incredible variety of options. If you are expecting an unambiguous answer from this article – which site is uncompromisingly the best for CSGO betting, then you will not find an unambiguous answer. Everyone should choose the best and most useful site for themselves, but I can tell you a few simple steps that will narrow the range of possible options to a few services.

Step One – Explore The Starting Benefits

Starting bonuses for new users can vary considerably. Some betting websites for CSGO try to look like the most severe bookmakers. Others are full of all kinds of sweepstakes and promotions. On some services, however, the user is offered impressive starting bonuses – this is especially typical for new sites that are just being promoted. Do you need to give preference to old and proven sites unconditionally? Definitely not. Some of the new ones have already established themselves as reliable progressive platforms, and the starting bonuses that are offered can greatly simplify the start of gambling on any of them and significantly reduce the initial investment.

Step Two – Choose Your Gambling Mode

You must clearly understand what exactly you want to do in the field of CSGO betting. If you are only interested in opening cases and related modes, then sites such as FlameCases or HellCases are more suitable. If you are more interested in online casinos with a skin-betting option, later, you should definitely pay attention to other platforms. And finally, if you are interested in esports betting, this is the third category of sites. Some of the cheap CSGO betting sites, however, combine all three areas. These are the ones that I would recommend in the first place to take a closer look.

Step Three – Make Sure the “Provably Fair” System Is Available

“Provably Fair” is the most modern word in CSGO betting. This system provides each user with the opportunity to check the result of each bet personally. It helps to make sure that you are dealing with randomness and not with a tricky set up system built into the site to deceive the target audience. The presence of this system is perhaps an essential element of any gambling site.

Step Four – Check Information About CSGO Betting Site

Have you chosen a site? Look for information. It can be difficult to distinguish legit CSGO betting sites from others. You shouldn’t believe every review that comes your way, but many negative reviews on proven reliable resources are already a reason to worry. Search for site reviews, reviews, and recommendations. Make sure that your site is legal, legitimate, and has no problems with withdrawing a deposit. Is everything fine? Congratulations, you can now start placing your bets.

How to Bet On CSGO

As with any casino, you won’t be able to win all the time. But if you approach the issue as competently as possible, then there are chances to minimize the risks. Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your investment.

Don’t Neglect Promo Codes

Promotional codes for most major and popular platforms are easy to find – usually, a few minutes of surfing with your favorite search engine is enough. Many of them can give tangible bonuses at the start, allowing you to minimize investments.

Take Part In Sweepstakes And Giveaways

Many sites provide small passive bonuses simply for being present in the chat and on the resource. Others run giveaways where you don’t have to do much to participate. The odds of winning in these hands are slim, but in the end, you’re not risking anything at all.

Gumble In The Safest Modes

Some gambling modes are significantly more beneficial than others. Assess the risks, calculate your chances of winning. You don’t need to be Einstein to realize that a duel with a 50% chance of winning is more profitable than a battle royale with ten players and one winner. Beware of “crash” modes or modes with especially complicated rules, such as “Hi-Lo”. When betting on esports events, use trusted analysts’ advice or used your own gaming experience to predict the results.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

Large sites are not always better than small ones, and old and popular sites are not better than new ones. Evaluate the offered bonuses, pay attention to the presence of the “Provably Fair” system, and compare and study the coefficients. Or at least read the reviews in which specialists will gladly do all this for you.

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Matches Offered By CSGO Betting Websites

The esports events that a particular bookmaker supports can vary quite a bit, but the vast majority of sites support all major tournaments. These include Dreamhack, ESL One, PGL Major, SLTV, ECS, FACEIT.

What To Look For When Choosing CSGO Bet Sites

To summarize, here is a list of factors that are highly recommended to pay attention to when choosing sites for gambling. Some platforms support all available options. Others sacrifice some for the sake of others – highlight the ones that you prefer.

  • Wide range of ESports events, mandatory support for all major ESports tournaments.
  • Support for an advanced affiliate program, constant giveaways, support for promotional codes.
  • Active community, discussion of match outcomes, and bets in real-time.
  • No problems with withdrawing funds, many options for deposit and withdrawal.
  • Availability of technical support in real-time, prompt, and correct response from specialists.
  • Support for the ability to check the results of each bet using the appropriate systems.
  • High speed of website updates, no delay in calculating winnings, and calculating bet totals.
  • The presence of a full-fledged mobile application, or at least a modern adaptive version of the site.
  • Confirmation of the legality and legitimacy of the website in your country.
  • Support for a wide range of games and modes for every taste – from classic duels and roulettes to trendy modern contracts and upgrades.

Final Words

Hopefully, thanks to this guide, everyone will be able to find a suitable betting site. The main thing is not to forget that bets are, first of all, entertainment, on which it is impossible to win and even more so to earn serious money consistently. No one has ever managed to beat a casino – personally, I recommend trying sites for e-sports betting. It is always more interesting and exciting to watch the success of your favorite team when you have a small additional incentive in the form of a bet on one of the outcomes of the match.

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