PayPal is a well-known payment system used everywhere by millions of users. It became extremely popular because of the speed in which you can do almost every monetary transaction in total comfort and security. Thus it is obvious that many punters in the esports, and especially the CSGO betting community, prefer to use the PayPal service for deposit and withdrawal instead of other, perhaps more traditional ways.


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Unfortunately, not all CSGO betting sites allow players to do so. Many don’t have this option enabled, to the frustration of many. That is the reason we write for you a guide to CSGO gambling PayPal, including a list of a few of the best CSGO betting sites accepting PayPal and the pros and cons of the PayPal method of payment.

Best CSGO PayPal Betting Sites

Clearly, we can’t include every gambling website on the internet, but here are our top choices when it comes to CSGO betting sites you can withdraw with PayPal.


Bitskins main page

If you want to buy, sell, or overall trade CSGO skins, Bitskins is your go-to website. It is chosen by thousands of players worldwide for its simplicity and effectiveness in offering the best skins on the market possible.

In fact, prices and variety of options are very good, and surely better compared with the official Valve Steam market. To prove this, Bitskins themselves offer an option to check items’ prices on the internet through the specific function found at the top of their homepage, “Price Check”. To use, though, you have to be registered on the site.

One of the best reasons to choose Bitskins is the safety provided by their service, which is proven to be 100% legit; you can easily find a FAQ section in which they answer all the main questions you may have regarding fees, refunds, your account, deposits and withdrawals, the items market and more. If you still have doubts, on their “Help” section, you can find their Support page through which you can contact them directly. The only problem is that, before you do so, you have to register to Bitskins through Steam. Nonetheless, the registration process is very quick and will take you just a couple of minutes.


csmoney main page

CSMoney is another good option if you are interested in CSGO items and trades, and as a top CSGO betting PayPal website, it offers a lot of good deals for new, as well as experienced, bettors. CSMoney is mostly known on the esports gambling scene because of the fast trading and withdrawing times, as well as good overall pricing for all skins on the market.

The website is probably the most used down for items betting since its counting more than 70 million trades done since its founding in 2016. Apart from the reasons explained above, CSMoney is so used because it represents a safe place in which to have fun betting without being worried of having your money stolen or being scammed in some other ways. The site is very professional and dedicated to provide its customers with a good and legit experience.

CSMoney is also interesting because of their high efforts in building a strong and united community around CSGO, investing in projects like CSGO items Wiki and Skin Builder. In terms of payment, of course, they support PayPal, although you have to be careful as a specific procedure is required to use it. Registered users have to go through the Verification process by visiting their personal area and clicking on the Verify button. You’ll have to wait up to 2 days before you are able to start making transactions with PayPal.

Notable Mentions

There are many more respectable CSGO PayPal bookmakers; we want to include two more that deserve to be included and will match your expectations: Betway and Pinnacle.

Betway is one of the most popular betting sites in all fields, both esports and traditional sports, verified by different parties and acknowledged as one of the kings of bookmakers. It’s simple, convenient, and offers a wide variety of markets and betting types, including several casino games and live gaming action. Being so popular worldwide, of course, you can use PayPal with no problems whatsoever.

Pinnacle is at the top as well and is particularly important as it differs a bit from other bookies: instead of focusing on attracting new players by offering bonuses and promotions, they prefer to be the betting website with the best odds possible. And it is, in fact, quite so: on Pinnacle, you will find the lowest margins available. Is it worth the trade? Up to you, but you will be happy to know that whatever you prefer, PayPal payment is always available on this website.

CSGO Gambling PayPal: Pros And Cons

Now that you know some CSGO betting sites that accept PayPal, we feel like giving you some advice on the advantages and disadvantages of using PayPal.

  • (+) Security. All transactions made with PayPal are encrypted, so all your personal info is converted into a code in order to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your data. You also don’t have to provide financial information like credit card details.
  • (+) Speed. Enter your PayPal username and password, and the transaction is practically done, making it the fastest option available for depositing and withdrawing money on CSGO gambling websites.
  • (-) Availability. As anticipated before, not all esports betting sites accept PayPal as a payment method. In fact, even if you are dealing with top bookmakers, it can be a bit difficult to find that option available.
  • (-) Fees. Sometimes, CSGO PayPal bettors may be subject to higher fees compared to those using different methods. To avoid this, always check the bookie’s ToS before depositing money

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