Gambling on CSGO can be incredibly fun and extremely rewarding; however, if you are on a low budget, it might be hard to find the perfect bookmaker which accepts low deposits. In the article, we will give you the perfect advice when it comes to CSGO gambling for poor players, as well as a list of CSGO low betting sites.


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How To Gamble On A Low Budget

Before talking about CSGO betting sites for poor, follow our tips to get the most out of your gambles when you don’t have much money to bet.

  • Learn to manage a small bankroll. Since you won’t be having a huge budget, you will have to make wise decisions and plan your bets carefully, as a low budget increases risk given the fact that one bad bet could vanish your winnings.

Therefore, try to always bet small on safe results, those which have good chances of happening, instead of gambling big on underdog bets which are unlikely to happen and are, consequently, extremely hazardous when you don’t have much money to put on the line and risk of losing it all at once.

A strategy we suggest you use to keep your wagering budget alive is the following: given that the budget you have available to bet is x, gamble 5% of x on high-risk bets; 10% of x on medium-risk bets; 20% of x on low-risk bets.

To determine the level of “riskiness” of a bet, simply head over to one of the CSGO betting sites for poor; we recommend below and check what odds they offer. E.g., if you are betting on a classic match-winner market, the higher the odds given to a team, the riskier it will be to bet on such a team to win since it would mean the team is an underdog and, therefore, not a favorite to win the match.

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  • Only choose betting sites that accept low deposits. Sometimes we can forget about such a thing and register on a bookie not destined to people with a low budget. Hence it is important to always check the website’s rules and only sign up if you are sure you are allowed to deposit small amounts of money, e.g., €10 or equivalent. By doing this, you are ensuring you go slow with your bets and don’t risk wagering too much and lose your whole budget all of a sudden.

However, beware of scams! There are a lot of fake bookies that pretend to be real and offer their potential customers incredibly low deposits. Instead, nothing could be further from the truth, as their only intention is to steal as much money as possible from them. The good news is, it is pretty simple to spot a professional bookmaker from a scammy one. A quick glance at their website interface will provide definite proof most of the time. If you are still doubtful, fear not, as in our guide, we only list 100% legit poor CSGO betting sites.

  • Use CSGO bonuses as much as possible. The vast majority of CSGO betting sites will always have in store bonuses, free coins and tips, and much more. If you take advantage of these promotions correctly, maximizing them as much as possible, you will end up receiving some nice perks. Some may be deposit bonuses; some could come in the form of daily giveaways, some others on the occasion of a special event.

As we said, these promotions, if wisely collected, can grant exclusive rewards that are very useful, especially to those who don’t have a high budget, such as free bets once in a while. Remember to frequently check betting sites to be updated on the latest bonuses since they tend to change and get replaced very quickly. Keep in mind that some of the bonuses you may find are deposit ones, meaning they are granted to you once you deposit a certain sum of money. Be careful of the amount of $ they require, and follow the previous point: always look for those websites which don’t ask you to make incredibly high deposits.

CSGO Betting Sites For Poor People

Here is a list of the best CSGO betting sites for poor. We’ve carefully selected a few of those which, of course, follow all the above-mentioned criteria. You cannot go wrong with these.

  • GGBet. Probably the best bookmaker specifically talking about CSGO because of their big involvement in the game’s pro scene, sponsoring tournaments and teams. Register, deposit as low as €10, and immediately receive a free bonus to start betting. The site is 100% legit and offers very competitive odds, as well as many unique CSGO markets.
  • Betway. On the scene since 2006, Betway is one of the most professional CSGO betting sites out there. It is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and other important authorities and is perfect for low budget bets, as you can deposit as low as €10 or equivalent. You also receive great bonuses as soon as you sign up, such as the welcome one that grants free bets up to €30. A wide variety of markets and dedicated customer support are the cherries on top.
  • Arcanebet. Another great option available to those who don’t have much money available to bet because, on Arcanebet, you will receive frequent promotions giving you a helping hand in spending little and winning much. To get them, signing up is already enough; nonetheless, to get more, you can also use some promo codes like “EB200” that will boost your deposit by 100% up to €200.

Apart from the three esports bookies, there are a few other websites we have to mention: Luckbox, which accepts minimum deposits of €5, and Unikrn, which provides an impressive matched deposit bonus of 300%.

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