Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is a video game featuring skins to personalize your character. It may not affect gameplay, but this skin has value depending on its demand and rarity. That is why a lot of bookmakers developed online gambling through CSGO upgrade sites to attract players who are interested and win skins they like.


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However, this upgrade did not develop overnight. Its basis came from the Trade Up Contract, which acts as a tool in CSGO, which lets players upgrade 10 of their skins with the same level into 1 item with higher rarity. This process will need more time, more money if you will buy CSGO skins or purchase a CSGO prime status upgrade to get better drops. But, whatever option from above, the odds are still against the skin you want.

And so CSGO upgrade sites are to the rescue to allow users to bet a single item and win the better skin they are asking for. It is the perfect deal for bettors who are looking to acquire specific skins since Trade-Up never gives assurance to what skin you get. The only difference between the two is that Trade Ups always gives you back a skin while an upgrade either gives you your ideal upgraded skin or loses the one you deposit.

Best Upgrade Sites CSGO

Navigating A CSGO Upgrade Site

Since the classic Trade Up Contract, gambling sites have found and created a simpler version of this feature that allows you to get your desired skin without any limitations through an upgrade. And to start your betting journey, select a site that offers upgrade CSGO skins and register or sign up. Most sites let you use your Steam account aside from other options available and require a deposit once registered. The actual betting process could have slight variations on different CSGO upgrade sites, but most will be similar below:

  • Choose a skin to bet from your inventory. Other sites may allow money use aside from skin betting or could be both.
  • Browse the upgrade site’s selection and pick the skin you want to win. Other sites have “multiplier buttons” that allow you to adjust the odds to some extent.
  • Click the “Upgrade” button to start playing.

You only have two choices, either you win the skin you chose, or lose the skin you bet. Since the Upgrade is not the same as Roulette or Coinflip that could double your skin’s value, this game is only recommendable for bettors looking for an item that is almost similar in value with your deposited skin. Gamble responsibly as a player because winning is not guaranteed. But if you are looking for sites to play CSGO upgrade, we have recommended sites below that offer excellent upgrade values to make the most of your skin and money.

Best Upgrade Sites CSGO


It is one of the oldest and most trusted CSGO upgrades sites that has been operating since 2016 and sponsored 3 CSGO championships from 2017. This site got a 99.2% of G2A rating with 75,000 reviews and offers chat support through a built-in function. The deposit and withdrawal system of skins accepts a wide range of methods, including:

  • Skin2Pay
  • Game Money Wallet
  • G2APay
  • Alipay
  • UnionPay
  • Coinbase (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin)

There is a $0.90 free coin as a welcome bonus done using a promo code and free daily skins as a bonus. Its CSGO upgrade game also has odd chances as high as 70%. And although FarmSkins limits players to withdraw only skins from their sites, most of their selection is on-hand at their inventory and allow exempted withdrawal to expensive items worth over $2000.


It has a license under the UK that signifies excellent legal protection, offers a guide on how to avoid scams, does not have chat support but only an email, are qualities that make this site legit. It does not have a wide variety of payment options but still accepts G2APAy, Game Money Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, WaxPeer, and SkinPay. The website also offers promo codes with a 5% bonus on any deposit with giveaways done hourly, daily, and weekly. Its upgrade game is popular and widely used. But like the rest, this site also does not allow you to withdraw money.


This site is legit and safe to bet because it does not process any payment aside from its accepted deposit options. UnboxSkins has a comprehensive FAQ section that can answer almost all of your questions. It accepts payments from G2APay, SkinsBack, ShadowPay, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. You can also gain bonuses by changing your Steam nickname with the word “,” adding the Unboxskins logo as your Steam avatar, and joining the UnboxSkins Steam group. Although it does not allow withdrawals of real money, the skins are directly on to your Steam account because of its 20-minute restock policy that even unavailable items can be made available with a minimum deposit of $5.

Upgrade Sites CSGO


Since its launch in 2017, 1.1 million and more users are present on the site. It uses G2APay with all of its deposit transactions that let users access more payment options like credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, Skrill, and more. Signing in can be done using Facebook, Steam, Google, or on-site, which are also active for updating purposes. They provide a lot of bonuses on their site and have fast deposit and withdrawal times. So, this one is also part of our list.

Not part of the list but is noteworthy to mention is CSGOEmpire, which is also a good betting site specializing in CSGO but does not have an upgrade feature. Upgrades are a unique game that offers an opportunity for players looking for specific skins to win on casino sites.

Similarly, if you are looking for high odds like +60%, this is also the best game to be since no other game offers these odds-on selected items. The distinct characteristic of this game makes it an attraction for players who want a more favorable and controlled gambling experience. However, this is not a go-to game if you are starting because it is better to play it once you have skins close to the value of those you want to get. All in all, Upgrades are worth checking out, and as we keep saying, especially if you are looking for specific upgrade CSGO skins, this game is perfect for that.

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