Welcome to CSGOTune, the only CSGO betting site that offers a fully-fledged Poker game, as well as several other casino games. This review has been dedicated to analyzing how effective skin betting is on the platform.

We will give you the heads up now; csgotune.com is only available in Russian. There is no option built into the betting site, allowing you to change the language to your preferred language. However, if you use the embedded google translate feature on your browser, each page can be fully translated to suit your needs. We will break down each aspect of the website during this CSGOTune review and provide you with advice and tips along the way.

Overall Rating – 3/5

  • Bonuses & Promotions – 4/5
  • Customer Support – 2/5
  • Casino Game Range – 4.5/5
  • Payment Methods – 2.5/5

CSGOTune main page

About The Bookmaker

The CSGOTune betting site has been operating since 2016. The company has slowly increased the range of games available on their website. The site operates under the company Fingate Ltd who is located in Georgia. The company registration number is 0060-2904.

As with every betting website, there are some restrictions in regards to which countries are able to access the site. Residents from the following countries will be unable to access the services:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

They also state on the Terms & Conditions that just because you access the site does not mean you can legally use the services. It is recommended you stay up to date with the relevant rules and regulations for your country of residence.

Bonuses & Promotions

There is an ideal welcome bonus on offer over on CSGOTune. When signing up, you could receive up to $10 towards your balance. After you select which platform you want to sign in with (more on the registration process later), you will be greeted with the following screen to receive a bonus. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be a section to enter a CSGOTune code when signing up.

Following this, you will be returned to the home page and logged in. CSGOTune is known for having fantastic community well and communication features. You can receive up to 100 coins for simply writing in the chat after your initial sign up. See the below image for more.

Outside of this, there aren’t many promotions available on csgotune.com. There is at least a way to receive free coins on a somewhat regular basis. As shown in the below screenshot, there are three different ways you can receive additional coins. You use your referral code to invite friends, compete in tournaments and, most importantly, receive free coins every 15 minutes. We would recommend trying to find a relevant CSGOTune promo code to redeem an extra bonus.

CSGO Tune Welcome Bonus

Skin Betting Games Available

We should make you aware that CSGOTune isn’t your traditional skin betting website. It doesn’t offer case openings, and you can go head to head against another user on a coin flip wager. However, you have the option to deposit using your Steam skins, which is a major bonus. This means the collection of low valued skins that you have accumulated is no longer useless. Instead, you may now use them to receive credits on the betting site, to hopefully turn that into real currency. Please be aware that the minimum deposit amount is 1,000 coins.

Betting Markets On Offer

Although they are known for being the only CSGO betting site that offers Poker, there is also a wide variety of other games available on CSGOTune.

King Of The Hill

This is a mode for those that love high stakes. You will test your luck on what the total deposit amount will be. This is then drawn among the participants at the end of each round.


This is the classic game, just with a CSGO theme added to the mix. Players can search for or create their own tables to play. There is a range of options available to choose from before jumping into a game. This is a unique CSGOTune feature; no other CSGO casino offers this.


It’s simple when it comes to Roulette; you bet on whether or not it will land on black, red, or green. If you bet on black or red and are correct, your stake will be returned at two times the size. Take the risk on the green section, and you could receive 14 times your initial stake.


The Crash mode is all about predictability with a chunk of luck thrown into the mix. Players need to press the “Stop” button before the crash occurs. The crash is random every time. The longer players hold out, the higher their bet multiplier becomes.


An interesting 50/50 betting game. You set the amount you wish to bet and then spin the circle. Land on white and your bet doubles, land of grey, and you lose. After each bet, the chance of winning will increase by 1% from the initial 50%. It will max out at a 54% chance of winning before resetting to a 50/50 gamble again.

CSGOTune Free Coins


Here players select their wager amount on the select a number to place a bet on. You choose between number 1 and 9998. You can be on the resulting number being larger than or smaller than you selected number.

Hi Lo

The Hi Lo games work on a stage by stage basis. You place a wager on the next card appearing based on the following parameters. You can wager on the next card being higher or lower in priority. The winners receive their stake multiplied by the resulting odds.


This is your traditional Blackjack game, just with a CS:GO feel to the mode. The goal is still to collect 21 points or just more points than the dealer. You must ensure you don’t exceed more than 21 points, though.

CSGOTune Registration

Signing up to csgotune.com is a relatively easy experience. You click on the big “Register” button on the right side of your screen and choose which platform you want to sign in through. If you plan on depositing using skins, we recommend signing in with Steam as it makes things easier and more fluid down the line. Please note that there is not a CSGOTune app.

Payment Methods

Unfortunately, one area that does let CSGOTune down is the lack of payment methods. There are only three deposit methods available:

  • Qiwi
  • Ehot
  • Steam

We would recommend using CSGOTune as a way to wager with your Steam skin inventory. A lack of payment methods could make it quite a tricky situation for many.

When it comes to withdrawals, the options aren’t much better. The above deposit methods are also available for withdrawals, and you can also use Visa and Mastercard. It would be nice to see more options added in the future, but the ability to wager with your skin inventory is still a selling point.

CSGOTune Skin Deposit

Security & Privacy Information

Unfortunately, we were unable to gain any information regarding the security system in place at CSGO Tune. Browsing the User Agreement and Terms & Conditions, we couldn’t find much either. All we know is that they do not receive private information from the registration method users select. It would have been nice to be provided with additional CSGOTune legal information, so hopefully, we see this change in the future.

Customer Support

During our CSGOTune review, we discovered their customer support could definitely do with some improvement. Considering they have set up a respectable range of games to play, it would be nice to see the additional customer support and payment methods to help improve the overall user experience. The only customer support method is to contact them via email, and they will “respond as soon as possible”. This could be a massive drawback for some people.

Pros & Cons


  • Range of games
  • Ability to deposit & withdrawal using skins


  • Lack of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Customer service isn’t as extensive as it could be

The Final Say

We feel like the services on the CSGOTune site are more inclined to experienced bettors, especially those that can speak or at least understand basic Russian. The google translator isn’t perfect and fails to translate some sections of the site at all, leaving you stuck. Combining this with a less than average customer service, it might not be the best option for those new to CSGO skin betting, especially if they only speak English.


Is CSGOTune Legit & Safe?

They hold an official gambling license from Georgia, which means they must follow the legal rules and requirements that are put in place from the license. This means CSGOTune should offer a safe service to its customers.

What Games Can I Play On CSGOTune?

The following games are available to play; King Of The Hill, Poker, Roulette, Crash, Duel, Bones, Hi Lo, Blackjack

Is CSGOTune Good For CSGO Skin Depositing?

Yes, on CSGOTune, you can deposit and withdraw using your Steam account. This means you can use your CSGO skin inventory to deposit and start betting.

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