CSGOLive is a trusted and popular case opening site. Users have the ability to choose from a wide variety of cases to open, and they can even create their own cases, choosing which skins are in the case and the drop rate of each item. This creates a unique community that feels that you will struggle to find elsewhere with a CSGO casino. Now let’s dive into our in-depth CSGOLive review to see if it’s the right place for you to sign up.

Overall Rating – 2.5/5

  • Security & Licensing – 1/5
  • Case Openings – 5/5
  • Customer Support – 2/5
  • Payment Methods – 2/5
  • Market Range – 2/5

More About CSGOLive

This is typically where we provide you with information regarding the company and their relevant licenses; however, in this case, there is no information provided on their website. It is common practice for companies to include these details in their terms and conditions, so it does raise an eyebrow that we cannot easily access details about the company, the company number, and gambling license. You may want to wait until there is sufficient CSGOLive legal information available. We also couldn’t figure out the exact date the website launched, as this is unavailable as well, but their social media accounts stem back from August 2016.

CSGO Live home page

Promotions & Bonuses On Offer

There isn’t a great amount available when it comes to promotions, but there is at least something. It was disappointing to find out that there isn’t any form of the welcome bonus offered. There wasn’t even the option to use a CSGOLive Promo code to receive an extra bonus. Users have the opportunity to claim a ‘daily free case,’ but you need to have deposited at least $5 to claim it. We completed the test spin on the daily free case, and the drop weight for valuable items is incredibly low.

The only form of benefits users can access is a ranking system. When you initially sign up to the site, you will be “Rank 1”. The more players bet, the more XP they gain, and from this, they receive benefits and some free cases. It all comes down to how much you spend, however, so there will be high risk and high reward involved. It isn’t necessarily the best loyalty program we have ever seen offered on a casino site.

Betting Markets

There is only one game available to play on the site during the time of our CSGOLive betting reviews. This game is case openings, which may be highly addictive, fun, and sometimes rewarding, but after so long, the site will lose its “edge” from doing the same thing over and over. They have implemented the case creator, which adds a different variety to the mode, but is it enough? CSGOLive is incredibly popular for strictly case openings, and we can understand why, but in regards to CSGO skin betting, it isn’t the best overall option. There is a mode called “WTFSkins” listed on their navigation bar, but this takes you to a completely different website, and there is once again no clear distinction of it being linked or owned by CSGOLive as little to no information is provided.

CSGO Live Daily Free Case

CSGOLive Registration

It is relatively easy to get things going on the CSGOLive site. On the left-hand side of their website, there is an option to sign in through Steam. You will be greeted with a screen asking you to sign into your Steam account. We have provided a screenshot of what you should expect to see below.

Enter your details, click sign in, and that’s your ready to go. You can start depositing and opening cases immediately. We would normally expect to have to provide more details when signing up to a gambling site. Although you sign in via a Steam account that has personal information, it raises more questions that CSGOLive isn’t too interested in verifying your identity before you start gambling on their platform.

Restrictions & Legislation

This is very similar to the licensing information situation. We couldn’t find any information at all regarding any restricted countries. In terms of service, it states that no individual under the age of 18 can use the services; however, as mentioned above, they don’t seem to have any identity or age verification procedures in place, which is slightly worrying.

Payment Methods

We do have some slight positives from our review, though. With this being said, it still isn’t perfect when it comes to the payment methods on www.csgolive.com/home.

CSGO Live Sign Up


CSGOLive has managed to cover better all the options when it comes to putting money into its platform. The full list of deposit options can be found below.

  • Deposit with Steam
    • CSGO P2P
    • CSGO Instant
    • Dota 2 P2P
    • Dota 2 Instant
    • TF 2 Keys
  • Deposit with Money
    • PayPal
    • VISA
    • Mastercard
    • Skrill
    • Gift Codes
    • G2A Pay
    • GameMoney
    • PayOp
  • Deposit with Crypto
    • Bitcoin


This is where things take a turn for the worse again. There is no way to withdraw your winnings or skins as actual currency. You have to withdraw the skins you win. This is disappointing as it would be nice to have the option to convert the value of your skins to currency when withdrawing from the site. If you have won a considerable amount of high valued skins, you can go and sell them on other sites to get physical money in your pocket once again, but it is an inconvenience. Here are the withdrawal options they currently offer.

  • CSGO
  • CSGO Instant
  • CSGO P2P (WAX)
  • CSGO P2P (237)
  • Dota 2
  • Dota 2 Instant
  • Dota 2 P2P (12)

Security & Privacy

This was yet another disappointing aspect of the CSGOLive website and services. Whilst they have a “Privacy / Data” section listed on their navigation bar, the page doesn’t actually exist. So when you attempt to reach it, you just get redirected back to the home page. This adds yet another possible concern, as the company isn’t being open and clear with how private information is collected and used. It will be worth paying attention to www.csgolive.com/home to see if this changes in the future.

CSGO Live Deposits

CSGOLive Customer Support

As we have found with many of the CSGO casino sites recently, there isn’t overly great customer service available. Instead of having the expected trio of live chat, email tickets, and a phone number, there is just a simple ticketing system in place at CSGOLive. At least you know you can get some help, I guess, but the implication of a live chat would likely be appreciated by the hundreds of daily users.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to sign up
  • Wide range of deposit options available
  • Users can create their own cases


  • No information provided regarding licenses, restrictions of privacy policies
  • Can only withdraw skins, not in currency
  • Mediocre customer service
  • No option to use a CSGOLive code

CSGOLive Conclusion

Honestly, coming into this review, there were high hopes, but CSGOLive has let us down across the board. If you want to purely open cases and try and get better skins and inventory, then sure, it does the job. However, when it comes to the overall skin betting aspect of the site, we would like to see more casino games being offered as well as an increased range in withdrawal methods.

In case you were wondering, there isn’t a CSGOLive app available for users. It seems like they have nailed their niche or unique case openings with the community feeling, but outside of that, the overall experience was a bit lackluster and disappointing.

CSGO Live Support


Is CSGOLive Legit?

Normally we can offer a straight-up yes or no here, but with CSGOLive, we cannot. There are no details regarding licenses, but they are a highly regarded site amongst the community.

Can I Win Skins On CSGOLive?

Yes, users have a wide variety of cases that they can choose from to open. There is even the option to create your own case.

Is CSGOLive Good For Casino Games?

No, CSGOLive keeps things basic and simple by strictly offering case openings. They do, however, have a link to a website called WTFSkins on their website, which appears to offer casein games.

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